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Monday, March 23, 2015

New Google Drive Warning

Not really related to Linux but a warning to all of you who use ODT for your offline document formats (good choice). Recently Google updated their GoogleDrive, removing an incredibly important and key feature.

GoogleDrive no longer honors any default document download preferences (for multiple file downloads). It will 100% default to Microsoft's DOCX format. (Which for those of us in the Open-Source world, is truly appalling and unacceptable.)

If you select multiple files and try to download them, you will get DOCX, every time. The only way around this is to download each document individually, setting a preference for download format each time. That's a lot more clicking and annoyance. Ffor some of us (with hundreds of documents), this is unacceptable.

Google should have defaulted to ODT or something equally open, in order to make the world start to convert to a usable, worthwhile format, instead of pandering to yet another of Microsoft's continuing bad formats.

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