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Monday, March 16, 2015 no Longer useful for Image Searches

Quick note to inform any readers: It appears that is no longer useful as a proper reverse-image search tool. I found out recently that (for the USA/United States) heavily HEAVILY censors the results it shows users, even if you have SafeSearch EXPLICITY turned off. There is absolutely nothing you can do to actually get the real results using simple searches. If you specify your search, you may get better results but general ones are censored.

Simple test: Search for "boobs" on and and you will get different results. The results from the will be more explicit.

It's even more apparent if you search for anything vaguely pornographic using While Bing is very well known for censoring their search results in order to kowtow to the RIAA/MPAA and Big Media (along with buckling at the first sign from political entities like China), they apparently don't feel the need to molly coddle adults from sexuality. Search for boobs there and you really get good matches.

The list of failures by Google are growing, and this is certainly one that's going to be high on the list. And it pains me to say that, because generally I like Google. (And I positively loathe Microsoft.)

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