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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ubuntu Linux software easy download support

This is mostly a thought piece or commentary. One reason to run a very popular distribution of Linux is that it tends to be widely supported. Ubuntu is certainly one of the most popular Linux Distributions in the world.

Just today, I checked out the website and to my delight I found, under the Downloads section, an explicit area for Ubuntu. It had easy to do instructions for adding automatic Pidgin updates into your Ubuntu system. These updates are made possible by members of the community running their own complimentary APT repositories (PPAs under the Launchpad website), which Ubuntu helps provide with bandwidth, tools, tutorials, etc.

The APT system is one of the greatest inventions in computer software management history, and one of the absolutely greatest features of Linux. Ubuntu has helped foster spreading of the marvel and ease of the APT system.

So, the one line conclusion: The APT system is great (if you didn't already know) and Ubuntu is continuing too expand and make great use of it.

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