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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KDE 4.4 Feature: Drag to edge to Maximize

I do not like the new feature in KDE 4.4 for dragging a window to top of the screen to maximize it. Here is how to disable this feature.

Open System settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen Edges

Now deactivate:
* Maximize windows by dragging them to the top of the screen

Thanks to commentors for the updated info.


  1. Thanks, I was looking for a way to turn that off.

  2. Thanks...I couldn't find this before I found your post (it was not under "Window Behavior" as one would expect.

    Why can't KDE make the default to opt-in to new features like this, instead of having to opt-out?

  3. In KDE 4.6, it's System Settigns -> Workspace Behavior -> Screen Edges.

    Thanks for this! I was looking for a way to disable this "feature".

  4. thanks for getting me out of months of frustration!!

  5. Thanks for the post, that's been driving me nuts and I couldn't find the setting. A hair-brained feature like that should be off by default, who would want it?

  6. Thanks for the post. It is very annoying feature. In kubuntu with kde 4.4 this setting is under System settings>Look&Feel>Desktop>Screen Edges.

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Shouldn't it also be under "Window Behavior"??
    I'd never have thought of looking under "Workspace Behavior" for this setting without your help. Thanks!