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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE3.5 released!

Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE3.5 has been released! Get your ISO images here.

For some reason, the torrent never worked for me, despite fiddling with my settings quite a bit. I had to download the ISO file in the end, but that was very fast.

For more details on the release, go here.

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  1. well I finally made the transition to 4.2 and I have to say, I am ok with it now, they have finally incorporated all of the things I was missing from 3.5, plus I found a repository that gives me back amarok 1.4

    so, I am happy, it now does everything I want/need, and I won't have to worry about crazy package conflicts and will be up-to-date in the futute

    I knew that I would have to make the change ONE DAY, so it's nice to know that it finally happened, in a nice way!