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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daemon Tools utility for Linux

Update: Alternatively I have found Furius ISO Mount, to also be a good program for mounting ISO and other CD image formats. Perhaps even better than Gmount. You can find it under the package name 'furiusisomount'.

Just a quick post here: For those of you that use the program Daemon Tools in Windows, you may have lamented the lack of such a program in Linux. (Even though the ability to mount something in Linux with the mount command has been around for longer than Windows itself).

Lament no longer! The program Gmount-ISO comes to the rescue! The package name in Ubuntu/Debian is simply gmountiso. Like Daemon Tools in Windows, Gmount-ISO provides a graphical user interface for mounting ISO files.

See this wiki page for more details.

One important piece of information for non-Gnome users! You must have the program 'gksu' installed. This is a password authentication program for Gnome, similar to kdesu (used by KDE). You need this or Gmount-ISO won't work.

Though I have never tried it, another program worth looking into would be CDEmu, specifically the linux port of it, GCDEmu. It has more features that Gmount-ISO, but it is not in the repositories of Ubuntu/Debian.

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