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Friday, October 12, 2018

Vivaldi Extensions Shortcuts

I switched to the Vivaldi Browser about a year since Firefox 57 came out. I'm really liking it and it's got lots of great built-in features. For those who don't know, Vivaldi is an open-source-like web browser, giving you tons of features without worrying about Google watching your browser usage nor Firefox's dubious non-software related political efforts. (There is no mobile version yet, but it's coming.)

Here is something new I just discovered: The ability to configure Extension Keyboard Hotkey / Shortcuts within Vivaldi natively.

  1. Within the Vivaldi browser, go to: vivaldi://extensions 
  2. You will see your list of extensions. (Vivaldi themselves do not have any extensions and instead use extensions from the Chrome Web Store, which you can choose wisely yourself.)

    Click on the three-menu bars with the Extensions text on the upper left.
  3. Now you see the section for Keyboard shortcuts!
  4. Now you can configure individual shortcuts. I found this incredibly useful and love that it is built right in.
Hope that helps anyone, because I didn't know it until now!

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