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Monday, August 5, 2013

Yet More Comments on Fedora's Usability

Quick post: SELinux is not for the masses. I honestly don't think it should be enabled for a desktop version of Linux. It's such a colossal pain with so little gain, and making the changes permanent is an exercise in genuine pain. AppArmor never troubled me and provided 99.99% of the gains.

The other big problem is the Firewall. Making the changes permanent is also not trivial and absolutely not obvious. Yes it can be done, but heavens it's not apparent. It was a serious source of frustration until I had to sit down, while seething with anger, to find the not-obvious permanent area. That GUI needs major reworks, because this will frustrate others. Actually, the fact that the firewall got in the way is something that shouldn't happen in the first place.

I have to genuinely give Ubuntu credit. They make using Linux much easier in many many ways... except for the whole Mir / Unity thing.

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