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Friday, May 10, 2013

Kmix Volume Increment

I recently upgraded to KDE 4.10 and noticed that when I scroll over Kmix to increment/decrement the volume, I no longer had the fine control I liked. It would jump the volume by a whopping 15% with each scroll!

Now that's way too much for me, so here's how to give yourself finer control of Kmix's volume changes.

  1. Close and quit Kmix.
  2. Open the file ~/.kde/share/config/kmixrc
  3. In the [Global] section, add this line:

  4. Close the file.
  5. Open Kmix
  6. Enjoy

The 1.0 supposedly means 1.0%, but don't call me on that one.


  1. Thanks for the info. Exactly what I was looking for. In my case, it was jumping by 5% which was bad enough :-)

  2. Awesome. This solved my problem.


  3. Thanks Sadarax et all!! configured my LG mouse !!!! (but why oh WHY is it not part of any standard repo debian/ubuntu yet?)