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Friday, September 7, 2012

Enable Auto Load with Firefox AutoPager

Hello. If you are using Firefox's add-on "AutoPager" you may have been annoyed in the past that it is inconveniently difficult to enable "Always autopage" on every sight you visit. (Essentially, you want to only use a blacklist of blocked autopage sites, and assume everything else is good.)

In the past, I don't even know how I set this. It may have been a menu or button option which has since been removed, but now for the latest Autopager, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to enable all pages to automatically autopage.

Here is how I finally got this to work:

In Firefox, open a new tab and go to the address: "about:config" with no quotes and no http or anything. Just those words.

In the search area, type the words: extensions.autopager.noprompt

Set the value to 'True' and close. That should be all you need.

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