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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Okay, this was an old post made in anger and I do apologize. :( I don't like making these things. Thankfully the problem I was ranting about with OpenOffice / LibreOffice, seems to have been fixed. Good times.

Old post for archive's sake:
Sigh. I'm posting in annoyance/anger here. This is just a (short) rant. I like OpenOffice (I mean LibreOffice, but that name is lame and sucks) as an Office Suite, but MY GOD their search-and-replace dialogue sucks mountains of hairy wet ass. I cannot fucking click in the text field with my fucking mouse. If I type something that remotely resembles previous text, once I move my focus from the text input field to one of buttons, it IMMEDIATELY auto-selects previously entered text.

It is abjectly and utterly useless. I have to use another application to do search-and-replacement of text in, especially if it is regular expression. This is so fucking sad, because I know I had this problem years ago with the program. I would have thought they'd have fixed this by now.

Okay, /rant.

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  1. Cool and helpful blog...

    But, it doesn't seem active any-more..
    What append? Went to Windows 8 ? ;-)