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Friday, August 19, 2011

Shadows Removed / Missing in KDE 4.7

Overview: Window / Widget shadows are suddenly and COMPLETELY gone in KDE 4.7.

Background Info: So I haven't blogged in a while about any personal issues with the KDE 4 series, because by and large I like what they are doing and I've come to accept the things I don't.

However I just upgraded my system to KDE 4.7 and I noticed a feature is gone that, initially I really hated, but now I really really like. Shadows. Yep, shadows on my windows. Not quite sure how to describe it but my transparent console

Details: Actually, the shadows are both missing and removed, while still present and there. (Big flub-up on KDE's part, IMO. Thumbs way down this time.)

Please see
All users who do not use our default Oxygen widget style and window decoration might have had an unpleasant surprise after upgrading to 4.7. Our old shadow effect provided generic shadows for all windows no matter which widget style or decoration is used. In case the decoration provided its own shadow that one was preferred.
The new shadow system does not provide any generic shadow. The compositor is just providing a service to the widget style for rendering the shadow. This means that the widget style has to implement support for the new shadows.

So, apparently they are still here, but I cannot find any information on getting the shadows back. Neither from their new system or from the Oxygen theme, or whatever. I'm disappointed.

A big thumbs down from me.

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