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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The EULA is sometimes only a one way deal

I just read this post over here:

And I knew it was something I just had to pass along here. The story summary is this: The article is about the person who wants to get a refund for the bundled Windows 7 copy that arrived on his computer. He read the manufacturer EULA (End User License Agreement) and it clearly states they will handle refunds for things like the software. So he calls them up and navigates through the phone-center-maze for multiple hours. He even goes as far as contacting the specific store he bought the item from. All say they do not do refunds for the software. He eventually calls the higher supervisors at ASUS back, and they flat out tell him they do not handle this, despite it being clearly written in their EULA that they do.

I like the poster's comment at the end. If we, the user, should break the EULA we can get our asses sued, but if the company decides to mess around with you, we the user are ... sore out of luck?

This is yet another reason why I, for entirely personal experiences and reasons, never buy ASUS products. I keep hearing great experiences from friends involving ASUS, but all of my numerous experiences with them have been various degrees of disaster and frustration. To be clear, I am not saying ASUS is the only company to do this. I know for a fact hundreds, if not thousands, would do the same in an instant. I'm just saying... well, it's ASUS. I don't buy from them.

This is another reason why Linux users should never ever have to buy a copy of Windows. 99% of us already have been forced to pay for some bundled copy of the software we neither want, nor can use, and certainly cannot refuse. I personally have been forced to pay for at least three bundled copies of Windows, and I sure has hell will never use them. It is for this reason I feel pride and triumphant when I use Windows products without paying for them. (Yeah, I do. Just try and sue me). At this point, I have more than paid for every copy of Windows I use.

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