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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Google Talk Audio Fluxuation Problems


Fixing (randomly changing/auto-adjusting) audio levels for Google Talk (Google Voice) microphone in Linux.


So I started using Google Voice chat a lot in the past few months. But just this passed week, I noticed the microphone volume was automatically increasing itself, until it became too loud for others in the conversation. I don't know why it suddenly started, but here is the solution to the problem. (I recently upgraded to Firefox 12 and this might be the change that caused the problem.)


Google Talk voice chat has an configuration file called 'options' in the folder '~/.config/google-googletalkplugin'. You want to edit this file or create it for yourself.

Make a backup '~/.config/google-googletalkplugin/options'. If the file does not exist, don't worry. Just create one. Edit file and add this line:


If you need help editing a file in Linux, see this article.

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